It is indispensable for students of pre-school education to conduct pedagogical practice in parallel with knowledge acquisition. Being a place of pedagogical practice for students of pre-school education, the School for Pedagogical Practice always place the importance on tasks an quality of pedagogical practice for students.

In September 2017, the School welcomed more than 300 pre-school education students from 55th, 56th, 57th course to practise module 3, module 2 and module 1.

The 55th course students are seniors who have to practise module 3 (advanced pedagogical practice). In the module 3, seniors practice five teaching activities under five development areas. In addition, they are instructed about children management, class group management, types of teacher plans, and communication skill with parents. It is a prerequisite for juniors to master all skills of pre-school teachers and prepare psychology for their final probation.

Juniors (the 56th course students) will practise module 2 (methodology training). During the first semester, they will conduct three methodology subjects including method for children to familiarize with literary works, method for children to familiarize with surrounding environment and method of physical development for pre-school children. After being provided with knowledge and observed sample activities, juniors are assigned with various topics to conduct lesion plan and practice. This is a challenging module for students because they must demonstrate their pedagogical behavior apart from sound knowledge foundation.

Sophomores (the 57th students) participate in module 1 training. In the module 1, they must practise nutrition and sanitation education for the assigned classes, including class group sanitation, toy and tool sanitation, children hygiene as well as weighing and tracking health chart for students.

The School assign experienced and qualified teachers to instruct students. Such teachers proofread carefully lesson plan and guide dedicatedly way of closeness to children. Thanks to dedication from teachers and awareness of students, regular pedagogical training has become meaningful and qualified. 

Here are some pictures of the activity: