Living Values: An Educational Program is a comprehensive values education  program designed by a non-profit organization from a project for a better world. The program focuses on twelve universal values:  Peace, Respect, Cooperation, Freedom, Happiness, Honesty, Humility, Love, Responsibility, Simplicity, Tolerance, and Unity.

Teaching and learning method of the program is also its strength in the context where Vietnam is encouraging teachers to change their teaching method. Activities in the program including thinking-fast, teamwork, role-play, etc. make leaners very excited. The most important thing is that living values are explored through their own experiences, so such values have big impact on them. Through diversified activities, learners explore their own core values and apply into practice to gain a more happy and meaningful life. Skills for creating value-based atmosphere, team coordination, emotion management, communication, individual-work and team work, conflict-solving are learned through such activities.

The school will bring living values to all teachers and staff in order to build a friendly, healthy and positive atmosphere since the academic year 2017 – 2018. This educational program is available to students during assembly and class meeting. The School determines to bring LVEP in its education program mainly because t it is the sustainable root of life skills. 

Here are some pictures of the activity: