Clubs, for example sport club, art club are no longer a new thing. It is said that many clubs have become departure for a lot of talents in the future. Clubs not only enable pupils to play and learn with fun but also make them self-confident and sociable.

Since the elementary school was founded, school clubs have been established in order to adopt pupils’ demands toward the objective of comprehensive development. Only four clubs, including musical instrument club, art club, aerobic club and martial club were initially formed. Each club has its own slogan and organization method in order to attract the involvement of pupils. Clubs popularize specific activity schedule and programs to their members. Up to now, after three years, more clubs, namely chest club, MC club, Clever club, folk dance club, basket club were established. Totally, there are 9 clubs for pupils to attend within a week.

The clubs help pupils, especially newcomers from grades 1 be more confident and sociable. Gia Han from 1C class, a member of MC club said “I enjoy school club because we are taught how to speak and act in front of many people. In addition, we have chance to make friends with other classes and attend many funny games”. Involvement in such clubs not only supplement pupils with knowledge from various subjects but also help them more healthy. Moreover, many children’s talents have been discovered to promote. 

Development of club model in school places importance on comprehensive development programs of the School. It facilitates pupils to practise their knowledge and develop their personal ability. Establishment of clubs in the School is a new way which brings about positive results for “A friendly school – Active Students”.