The School for Pedagogical Practice was founded in 2009 under the Decision No. 1839/QD-UNND by the People Committee of Vinh city. The School is managed by Vinh University in terms of organization, personnel, infrastructure and finance and by Nghe An Province Department of Education and Training in terms of performance of educational program and development plan, organization of graduation examination and issuance of graduation degree.

The School has two campuses located in No. 01 Nguyen Van Troi street, Vinh city and No. 68 Nguyen Duc Canh street, Vinh city with the total area of 16,300 m2.

In total, the school has 68 classrooms, meeting rooms, and halls; 4 libraries, health room and school equipment rooms; multi-functional rooms, sport yards, etc. Its classrooms are equipped with modern facilities to support learning and teaching activities such as projector; televisions, computers, air , etc. and libraries has Internet IT system.

With regards to human resources, the School has 05 managers and 66 teachers of all levels, including 02 doctors, 18 masters and 46 bachelors. In addition, the School is supported by professors, doctors and masters who are lecuters of pedagogical department in Vinh University in terms of profession and qualification. All teachers achieve standards for preschool and school, have experience in application of IT into teaching and learning and a half of them gain English level B1. The School organize many extracurricular activities to improve soft skills and also bilingual classes in some basic science subjects to enhance pupil’s English proficiency.

With its goal to make itself a typical educational institution in Vinh city, the School has become not only an effective destination for pedagogical practice and probation but also a leading place for training and education.